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Illinois has had Medical since 2015 and was the first state to legalize Adult Use through legislation. The first group of Adult Use licenses (185 Dispensaries and 88 Craft Grows) have been delayed over 30 months due to lawsuits and challenges to what was considered the most forward leaning Social Equity for Cannabis program in the country. ICS wrote 27 perfect scoring sets of compliance exhibits in the 2020 license rounds. Currently the state has begun to move toward granting the delayed permits and ICS  has contracts for training and audits in what we hope will now be a fast moving opportunity in Illinois. 


Our Services

Contract Compliance

ICS Consulting can help through offering a structured ongoing compliance plan and operational support throughout every phase of your Licensed Cannabis Business. Whether it is for the first 6 months to a year or ongoing annually, we can provide consistent and comprehensive support. Our biggest goal is for your business to graduate into being a well-oiled compliance adhering machine. 

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Staff Training

Training creates long-term value in your business, and it eliminates the potential for compliance complacency. Having consistent compliance training empowers employees and increases overall customer retention in your business. A comprehensive compliance program with training will help lower the risk of being fined or shutdown from a costly or needless mistake. 

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Technical Writing 

The Regulated Cannabis Industry is full of a variety of specification writing and compliance content, from technical to non-technical standard operating procedures and processes, administrative and management documents, cannabis license application writing, to regulatory draft language and policy. ICS offers a broad spectrum of content compliance solutions and hands on experience in drafting regulatory framework at the State level.

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Our Compliance Auditors have over a decade of hands on regulated Cannabis operational experience working in all license types Nationally. ICS Audits are direct, educational and eye-opening. At ICS Consulting, we value the importance of providing a solid road map to operators on how to make the corrective actions needed to maintain a healthy culture of compliance throughout the life span of the licensed cannabis business. 

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