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ICS Consulting is deeply rooted in employee management systems and understands how to create structure in order for your employees to thrive in the workplace. We have hands-on experience working with employees in the Cannabis Industry and believe that creating a Culture of Compliance is one of the most crucial factors to being successful in a regulated business. There are phases of compliance for every regulated operation, whether it’s a dispensary, a cultivation, product manufacturing, product transportation or a testing lab. One of the keys to a successful operation is implementing training on compliance processes during every step of building out your business. Employees are the gatekeepers of compliance and their role demands they be properly trained.

Our Core Training

Operational Readiness Package

Our Core Employee onboarding compliance training package offers a combined variety of Medical and Adult-Use Cannabis course modules designed to specifically prepare Cannabis operational teams and owners for operational readiness in the regulated Cannabis market. Training module packages are available in all emerging and legal Cannabis States across the US virtually and in person. For more information on our Operational Readiness Package for onboarding your Cannabis business operation, reach out for a free consult.

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Jenny's skills and experience gained through years of work in multiple dispensaries and cannabis companies, combined with a decade long tenure makes her employee compliance and training programs very impactful as she brings real-world experience in delivering her valuable lessons. She focuses closely on educating employees of the value of a cannabis license and their essential part of ensuring their employers will not lose the right to participate in the industry.
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Customized Cannabis Training

Having the ability to design a custom training is valuable for any new or existing Cannabis business. At ICS we have a variety of add on training modules. Each module can be added to the overall operational readiness package or as standalone experience.


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Mix & Match Training Modules


Training creates long-term value in your business, and it eliminates the potential for compliance complacency. Having consistent compliance training empowers employees and increases overall customer retention in your business. A comprehensive compliance program with training will help lower the risk of being fined or shutdown from a costly or needless mistake. Reach out today to create an on-line or in person customized compliance training program for your startup or existing Licensed Cannabis Operation.


State Compliance Overview Module

Having a State specific compliance training is a key component in arming employees and owners in the regulated cannabis market. Understanding the full scope of the regulations, and how they affect your overall business choices, how they drive an employees job role, how an operation grows, produces and sells. These are all key pieces in the success of a licensed or start up Cannabis business. Company day to day operations should be geared towards regulatory framework and implemented through training and standards. 

Dispensing Cannabis Compliance Module

Ensuring employees are serving customers in a safe manner with public safety considerations is an important role for any retail store location in the regulated cannabis marketplace. Covering important topics like budtending best practices, consumer consumption methods, and not making any unwanted health claims while selling, and ensuring there is full compliance in every day to day task. Our medical and adult-use dispensing course covers timely budtending best practices and compliance operational standards. 

Sanitation & Product Handling Module

Health and Sanitation practices and implementation are key in keeping employees and customers safe while in your business purchasing products. Ensuring employees are properly trained on health and safety occupational best practices, and implementing a health and sanitation plan pivotal to consumer safety. In this module we cover Safe Product handling as well as general health and safety best practices as it relates to overall cannabis and license facility types; cultivation, testing labs, dispensaries, manufacturers, and transport. 

Cultivation Operations Compliance Module

Everything starts with the plant. The entire industry is fueled by the Cannabis plant, the method of how it is grown, treated, processed and sold. More than anything ensuring employees are trained on basic compliance knowledge and comprehensive Standard Operating Processes as it relates to cultivating Cannabis. Our training covers the basics, post harvest, growing methods, health and sanitation, PPE gear, OSHA standards, waste processes, chemical storage, green waste management, plant sampling, testing, packaging, and labeling.

Product Manufacturer Compliance Module

Processing and Producing a Product in the regulated market is fully based on concept, science, compliance, testing and going to market. There are a lot of moving components when it comes to manufacturing an infused product, whether it's a consumable, smokable, sublingual or topical product. Compliance training matters and is fully integrated with public safety considerations. Our training is packed with health and sanitation best practices, preparing samples and testing processes, product safety, general overall operational compliance of the day to day tasks.

Working with Testing Agencies Module

Cultivators and Processors in the cannabis industry are required to have their products tested by certified laboratories before they can be sold in dispensaries. Understanding some of the science behind the testing process can help your staff manage your testing costs and improve your testing program. Testing can be used to drive innovation and provide value insights that are required to develop new products. By partnering successfully with your testing provider you can improve your chance for success. This course will teach your staff how to optimize your testing budget. 

Introduction to Endocannabinoid & Plant Science Module

The Cannabis business is driven by outcomes, relief for patients and positive experiences for adult-use customers. The how and why Cannabis affects your customers can provide context for the shopping experience, or the manufacturers decision as to which edible to make and why. THC & CBD create these outcomes because of the body's natural ability to detect cannabinoids. This course will help staff and management to appreciate the goals of your customers and gain understanding of the interactions between the products and the people involved. 

Hospitality Establishments & Social Consumption Module

Adult Use markets have been operating since 2014 and municipalities have recognized that it is important to provide social consumption spaces to prevent clashes between law enforcement and recreational users. Understanding the hospitality considerations of the cannabis market and the significance of social consumption can help your staff fully understand how the products are being used in the marketplace and learn about developing trends in this important area in the space. *This Module is Specific to Colorado HB19-1230 Marijuana Hospitality Establishments.

Green Nimbus Recreational Cultivation
ICS Consulting’s Compliance training course is fantastic. It moves at a good pace, and excellent coverage of compliance material. The information was presented well by Jenny, it was easy to read and digest. The format is easy to understand, well laid out and along with the pleasant narration makes for an enjoyable experience. I feel like the course touched on every major facet of documentation for regulatory requirements and protocols that govern cultivating marijuana and waste transport. Do not change a thing!  
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Jennifer Germano, Founder of ICS Consulting is a long-time industry vet, witnessing the industry in Colorado going from an unregulated wild west in 2009 to the strictly regulated market of 2021. This experience has taught her the importance of implementing, understanding regulation and protocol.

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