Security Through the Lens of Compliance

Written By Ryan Shields, Rhyno Systems

When most people think of cannabis security, it's all about the cameras. True video has changed the way we think about prevention and documentation of certain types of activities, but there is much more to cannabis security than meets the eye. Security is basically a subset of Compliance, and as such needs to be integrated into almost every aspect of your operations. 

During the concept and design stages of any new facility, security considerations will save time and money, adding wires and cables later is difficult and may come at considerable cost. Once the facility is built or renovated, and you and your team have developed a set of Security SOPs based on regulations and best practices, you are just getting started. Now you have to execute, which will take training, training and more training, while keeping up with changes in the state rules and regulations. 

It is never too early to bring professionals into the picture, applications and new builds should reflect the actual requirements of the project from the start, and may take coordination between an Architect, Security Consultant, and Security Contractor. Security Contractors are often overlooked in the planning stages and picking one early, and coordinating their actions with your compliance team will go a long way to create a facility that has a manageable security installation. Some best practices include:

  • Study the regulations and incorporate them into your security SOPs.  
  • Think of your security equipment and processes as part of an integrated system. 
  • Carefully assess each process to understand what is required before executing.
  • Confirm security compliance status of all outside contractors. 
  • Verify that your employees are keeping the required security logs. 
  • Make time for security training and continuing education on safety. 

Now back to those cameras, camera networks may need significant reprogramming when a camera or device is replaced. Not being aware of changes in your security network, failure of devices to report their status, and malfunctioning sensor networks are common complaints after routine camera service. The answer is to understand your system, have your supplier train your staff on the functions, programming and operation of all security devices. In this way you will know if there is a problem that needs professional attention. 

Security involves people, and your people are your best asset in any business. Try and make security an integrated part of your operations, make everyone follow the same rules, compliance comes from the top.


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