Now Is The Time To Lean Into To Your Processes 


Now is the time to lean in more than ever when the day to day operations are being shook up as a result of COVID-19. In this new reality Cannabis businesses are being put to the test in their ability to adapt and change under pressure, all while directly in the face of upheaval. On March 22, 2020 The State of Colorado deemed Licensed Cannabis operations Critical Businesses.

Naturally with some local counties such as Denver with some flip flopping with Adult-Use Dispensaries and Liquor stores closures. Denver Dispensaries endured the mad rush to purchase Cannabis products before the closure order went into effect. Retail stores and Liquor stores were pushed to their limits, and some reminiscent of the old days of 2014 with the legalization of Recreational Cannabis in the State of Colorado. Of course after scenes of long lines unfolded in the news and the very social distancing order the city had hope to implement, then became a public health hazard and the city reversed it's closure order for Retail Dispensaries and Liquor Stores and they could stay open with new social distancing guidelines.

The reason I am highlighting this, is because you never know what kind of curve ball life is going to throw you and what the next steps will be in the face of something like this again in the future. Now is the perfect time to lean in, assess, make the changes and implement. 

The Pandemic has exposed the cracks in the foundation of the systems and structure some businesses had in place or were completely absent in their day to day operations. With this said, some time has passed since the social distancing guidelines went into effect, Cannabis Businesses should be updating, or improving their processes right now. Here are some specific items you should be looking at updating or assessing in light of COVID and for any other type of emergency preparedness in the future. 

  • Update current SOPs with Social Distancing Guidelines either from the CDC's website and/or from your Local Health and Environment Regulators. 
  • Ensure your SOPS include the following Emergency Procedures:
  • A Map of Fire Escape Plan (Schematic of Fire Exit Routes)
  • Hazard Plan
  • Plans for Flood, Fire, Chemical Spill, Sewage Back-up, Power Outage, Severe Weather, Robbery, Burglary, and Mass Shooting.
  • Health and Sanitation Plan SOPs - For example cleaning and sanitizing procedures. Hand washing and Preventative Cross Contamination Processes.  
  • PPE Gear: Properly storing and cleaning PPE gear, keeping back stock. Any SOPS for how to utilize PPE gear properly and how to properly remove gloves with out contamination. 
  • Additionally, adding in mandatory face coverings into either Company SOPs or Employee Handbook

It is also more important than ever to have an assessment of your facility, when things are being shook up in the day to day operations - whether it is an internal self-audit or a 3rd party evaluation.

An evaluation will uncover if you're implementing the Social Guidelines properly and as well check for any Health and Sanitation issues that could be going on. It's always advisable to have a fresh set of eyes on your processes and systems to ensure compliance is being implemented at the highest standard. 


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